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The Mapmaker’s Wife by Kathy L. Wheeler (ebook)

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Offered by: Tara Fox Hall
Deadline for entry: September 5, 2015
Details: Seven short stories from debut and seasoned authors for those who love stories that end with “Will you marry me?!” Enter to win 1 of 2 print copies of the new anthology, Propose To Me!

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Wulf, Tales of the Chosen by Kayelle Allen


Wulf, Tales of the Chosen by Kayelle Allen
Location: Amazon
Duration: 9/30/15
Description: The book is also available for free on these sites:
Barnes and Noble
Coffee Time Romance
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tumblr_ns7slj5J5e1rj7yxao1_250Agent N6: Dylan by Joni Hahn

Agent N6: Dylan McCall

•Third generation Marine
•Mongolian prison survivor


Third generation Marine Dylan McCall has only one goal in mind: revenge. Armed with a new, scientific enhancement, he won’t rest until he destroys Cyrus Matheson’s plans.

Geneticist Teague Hamilton wants nothing more than a healthy baby of her own. Raised in a girls’ home, she knows Cyrus’s genetic engineering technology is her only chance at gaining the family she wants.

Dylan can’t get enough of D.I.R.E.’s confident, sexy-as-hell geneticist, even though his gut tells him she’s hiding something. He won’t rest until he tames her and brings her deception to light.

When Cyrus draws Teague out of D.I.R.E.’s protective custody and takes her to the past, she uncovers lies that prove she’s never controlled her own destiny, while Dylan travels back in time to save her before it’s too late.

Can Dylan rescue Teague in time, or will he lose the woman he loves forever?

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gladpromo082215The Imperial Engineer by Jude B. Glad

A woman with a mission and a man who denies his heritage battle sabotage and prejudice for the right to live…and love.

Tony Dewitt, his reputation in tatters, is hired to install a newfangled telephone system in Hailey, Idaho. Racial prejudice is rampant, so Tony, who is Chinese, passing as white, conceals his ancestry.

Lulu King is of mixed race and proud of it. Having seen firsthand what misery bigotry can cause, she has devoted her life to the campaigns for women’s suffrage and equal rights for all.

They were childhood friends, but conflicting goals drove them apart. Now fate has brought them to the same small town and the old attraction is difficult to deny.

Sabotage to the telephone system and a boycott by the Anti-Chinese League threaten Tony’s career and Lulu’s convictions. The consequences of their one night of love shadow their future. How long before their very lives are endangered?

“…a compelling tale.”

“…a powerful read, a story that keeps the reader rooting for Tony and Lulu to make their lives together work in spite of the obstacles they both face. They are dangerously in love and living dangerous lives. Can they: achieve the life that they both want? 4 Stars!”–Affaire de Coeur

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scarbroughpromo082215Timeless by Jan Scarbrough

Splintered Category Romance #104

When Beth Abbott receives a surprise inheritance from her birth mother, she travels to the family’s nineteenth century mansion in Old Louisville, now a bed and breakfast. There she meets the resident ghost, a little girl whose crying not only scares, but also intrigues guests. Beth sets out to discover the identity of the ghost and why she appears happy to Beth, not sad.

Jeff Halstead, a man with several secrets, runs the bed and breakfast. But he’s more than that to Beth, and she feels their connection immediately. A psychic medium who doubts his skills, Jeff slowly uncovers the truth of their past lives. Will he be in time to reveal the identity of Beth’s enemy? Will the love they shared in the past follow them into the future?

“Completely different from… Jan’s Kentucky series. But I was surprised by joy as I read it.”

“Jan Scarbrough has crafted a unique story with an intriguing blend of the paranormal and gothic that brings two lost souls together after lifetimes apart.”

“Those who read paranormal, historical romance, ghost stories & contemporary will find something to enjoy.”

“A story of wonder, of hope, of love, and of making peace with the past.”

“Took a chance, couldn’t put it down.”

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